Induction Heaters

Our Induction heaters are designed for use with Dynavap Vaporizers, we offer a variety of color, material, and portability options at affordable prices. Although most products are made to order, We typically have domestic deliveries to your door within a week. Each Induction Heater comes standard with our color-shifting LED, so you can visually track your extraction based on color. Our Cloud and Fire, and Cheesy Boi models are wall-powered, while the Storm models are battery operated with 3 18650s.

2020cplus banner.jpg

2020 Cloud+


Black Cloud +.jpg

2021 Cloud+


2022 Cloud.jpg

2022 Cloud

-coming soon-

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UV Series Cloud+


Fire 2021.jpg

2021 Fire


Green V4 Storm.jpg




Cheesy Boi


Battery Pack for Induction Heaters

Our Spark II is our portability solution to Cloud, Fire, and Cheesy Boi models. Charge it up, and free your wall-powered induction heater. Available in Black, White, and Cheddar. Spark II uses 3 18650 Batteries, and ships with a 3' Spark II-to-Induction Heater cord and charger.

Spark II Front.jpg

Spark II


Conductive Heaters & Accessories

For those who prefer heavy, smooth hits at precise temperatures, we've got the hardware for you. The Sun is our Conductive Coil Controller which pairs beautifully with the Flare- our take on the 'Titi', a device that allows heat injection by conducting heat to a titanium shovel-head thats been packed with 3mm borosilicate beads. Pulling air through the Flare into a VGoodiEZ Injector takes thermal extraction to the next level. Complete the set with our Refined Bell Recycler for an experience to be reckoned with.

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VGoodiEZ Injector


KB RBR.jpg




Conductive Injector Combo


ZAM Grinders

We're proud to offer ZAM Grinders- Quality milled modular Aluminum and Stainless Steel Grinders that get the job done and look great while they do it. 


1.8" Stainless



1.1" Aluminum



Help us grow the Koil Boi Krew! We love to support domestic businesses that offer high quality products that look great. 

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Koil Boi Snapback