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Stainless Steel 1.8"  ZAM Grinder

Stainless Steel 1.8" ZAM Grinder

Designed to last a lifetime, this 304 stainless steel weed grinder is built like a tank. Grind your material with ease utilizing sharp trapezoidal shaped teeth, and collect bountiful amounts of kief with the 100 micron screen. This grinder's weight will surprise you at .67lbs! Solid steel means a heavy grinder!  

  • 1.8 inch in diameter
  • CNC'd from solid 304 stainless steel
  • Classic thread design with sturdy trapezoidal teeth.
  • 4 Piece grinder with 100 micron kief screen
  • Weighs 306g/10.8oz/.67lbs
  • Modular - remove the screen to transform into a smaller 3 piece. 
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