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Sneak Peek: New Products

Hey Koil Boi Krew! We're working on getting orders out from the crazy response from the 4/20 Sale, but I wanted to take a second to share some new products coming through the pipeline: We've recently purchased a CNC router, that will allow us to make fun new things out of wood and acrylic, some things to look forward to are new lids for 2021 Clouds, Storms, and Fires that will make future Koil Boi products look CRISPY.

We have started experimenting with accessories to match our 2020 Cloud lineup, so far we're liking the coaster sets, coming soon on the Merch page, as well as stash boxes.

Lastly, we'll be introducing new finishes to our Fire lineup, such as Ebony, Cherry, and Weathered.

that's all I got for now, back to work to get these orders out, thanks for tuning in! -Joe

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