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Determining heating cycles with the Koil Boi's LED

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The amount of time spent pressing the momentary button on your Koil Boi will determine how much heat your vaporizer will absorb; in turn, this will impact the quality of your loaded bud. Our RGB LED starts at the same color every time. It begins it's cycle at red, then works its way to green, travels through cyan and ends up at cobalt blue. We try to not go past cobalt to prevent combustion. There are different heat times depending on which Dynavap tip you have. For now, let’s talk about Stainless Steel.

During operation, I find it best for the first heating cycle to go until you hit the cobalt blue color on the LED (the Dynavap will click right around the point where it goes from green to light blue). Take your light but flavorful hit, but as soon as it clicks to cool down, put that bad boi right back in the coil for the next heat cycle. This time, press the button until you see the flash of light blue. This light blue color is my immediate cue to stop heating. If I follow the light blue method every following cycle, I have roasted my product fully in 3-4 cycles, all giving generous amounts of vapor.

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