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2022 Cloud Voltage Dial: Explained

Since 2020, our induction heaters have shipped with a color changing RGB LED that lights up and begins transitioning through a spectrum when the Koil Boi is activated. It starts out red, then fades through green, to blue, then back around to red. We employed this as a helpful guide for heating. In 2022, we'd witnessed an interest among the induction heating community for a greater level of heating control. To meet the desires of the community, we launched the 2022 Cloud on our second birthday. The 2022 Cloud is equipped with a durable resin printed dial, that is positioned over a gradient lightning bolt. The dial controls the voltage output of the induction heating module, which is able to scale the heating capabilities from 0-100%.

Since the voltage control module uses a capacitor, you may find the RGB LED color cycling may not reset immediately. Heating times may vary based on Thermal Extraction Device material, starting temperature, and dial position.

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