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The Cloud is our wall-powered induction heater. There are 4 styles available, and many colors in each style.  


The 2020 Cloud+ is a rugged ABS enclosure that is hydrodipped.


The 2021 Cloud+ is our 3D-printed model available in many color combinations.

The 2021 Cloud+ UV is our 3D-Printed Glow-In-The-Dark model, available in 3 colors (and ships with a UV flashlight).

The Cloud 12 is our 3D-Printed dodecahedron heater, with an extra diametric cool-down magnet.



-Ships with a 12 volt, 6 amp power           supply with a (US) 110 volt plug 


-Light up momentary switch


-Diametric cool-down magnet

-One Year Limited Warranty

-7/16" Borosilicate glass heating             chamber 

-Color Shifting LED for heat cycle timing 

All Glow.JPG
Black Cloud +.jpg

2021 Cloud+ UV



2021 Cloud+

Designed, Printed, and Assembled in Michigan.


The world's first Dodecahedron Induction Heater: the Cloud12

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