When you use a Koil Boi to heat up your Dynavap Vaporizer, you’ll notice a couple things that will make going back to combustion a harsh drag

Conservation. You’ll notice that you’re stretching your stash a lot further, without taking temperatures to the burning point, you can get a lot more of the good stuff out of your good stuff. Depending on your intake, your Koil Boi can pay itself off in its first year of use. And if you enjoy making special treats, we’ve got some great news for you-

Reuse. After your bud goes brown (see our upcoming blog post for details) it can be reused to make budder, stretching your supply even further. Go green by reusing that brown!

Quality. Without combustion, you’re getting unadulterated vaporized flavor. Going back to combusting after using a Koil Boi will taste like drinking dirty pond water- not the nice kind of ponds with water lilies, koi, fountains, and little cherub statues- but the unmanicured ponds that beg the question, “how many dead birds did I just eat?”

Safety. Each Koil Boi ships with redundant switches: a toggle on/off, and a momentary that you’ll need to hold down to maintain operation. When your Koil Boi is generating an induction field, an LED will transition through a color spectrum starting at red, cycling through green, to blue. This color cycle will let you know how long your bud has been heated, check out our blog for a post detailing this cycle, and how it impacts your experience.

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