Koil Boi Induction Boxes LLC
budget-conscious heaters, designed and assembled in Michigan.


New Colors for the 2021 Fire

make a splash with our handmade poplar
wall-powered Induction Heater, now available in 3 new colors: Rust, Smoke, and Drift. 
Compatible with our Power Bank, the Spark. 

Fire-Group glam 1.jpg
Fire-Group glam 2.jpg

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   Koil Boi made their first Induction Heater after Kyle was frustrated with the limited availability of heaters on the market and the cumbersome purchasing process some vendors offered during the COVID 19 shutdown in May 2020. After some research, he asked Joe for some help making an enclosure and learning how to solder. Making a great team, the brothers started selling their take on induction heaters in the Metro Detroit area and launched KoilBoi.com in June. They started off with two designs: The choose-your-own color hydro-dipped 'Cloud', and the handcrafted Poplar 'Fire'.

   After months of reinvesting every penny back into the company, the two were able to learn how to use 3D printers, expand to 7 product lines, hire 8 employees, and have a Koil Boi on 5 continents. The two are hard at work developing new products and creating products with love. When not thinking up new ideas, watching printers, assembling, or shipping products, Joe and Kyle enjoy playing 'Population: One' and researching their devices.